Med-Pic Study Materials

I’m looking for Med-PIC study materials to pre-study at home. These seem to be surprisingly difficult to find.

At some point, I will take a Med-PIC course, perhaps at MPT or MITAGS Seattle.

Know of any good study materials?

If you take it at MPT, don’t worry about it. You don’t need any study materials.

I’m not required to take Med-PIC. Or looking to spend my time and money to just go through the motions to get a piece of paper.

I’m learning the Med-PIC material and taking the course to be better equipped to actually deal with Medical emergencies.

When I take the course, it will be the best and most thorough course I can find.

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Well then don’t take it at MPT!

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Honestly you’re probably better off taking an EMT Basic class if you really want to learn something. MPT was a joke when I took it there a few years ago.

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Looking at taking the same course at MITAGS in the spring. All of the medical and first responder training I received in the CG does not carry over. Therefore, going to get the little piece of paper saying I can sew up some boo boo’s, mend a bone, and give some oxygen.

You don’t actually need Med PIC for anything. It’s not a USCG requirement for any level of license. I only took it because my employer required it.

edit. Never mind. Don’t listen to me!

Still, don’t take it at MPT if you want to learn anything.

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Hmm. I guess you don’t need it for anything less than STCW II/2 Master less than 500 GT. You certainly do need it for that and above.

Then something changed, because I upgraded to Master Unlimited without it.

Well it wouldn’t be as fun as it is if USCG wasn’t constantly adding more STCW training burden.

Geez it wasn’t that long ago. Glad I did it before that came in though - what a waste of a class. Like most of them…

It is a STCW requirement.

Apparently the concept of studying for knowledge and not just a piece of paper is a foreign concept. Knowledge is good.

Below is one pub, it’s probably a bit dated but might get you started.

You might also find similar material looking for wilderness first responder materials.


It is the CG that insists on a “piece of paper” training certificate in lieu of accepting Mariner knowledge. When I took watchkeeping, there was a student in my class who had just retired as a NOAA captain. NMC forced him to take the entire training gambit even though he had more experience in command at sea than any instructors at the school.

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I am in this class at MPT right now and will test on friday. I don’t know anything or rather very little and I am getting some things out of this class. It is tought by one guy Berine S. I have heard horror story’s about taking it at places other then MPT. I like the class so far. I learned a lot during all the practicals you have to do. We have a Chief mate and a Msa capt. in my class of 5. They seem ok with it. We are having fun.

If you take it now. because of covid we are not going to the hospital so everything is done in class. Plus you don’t have to be updated on your shots now so that is a plus.

I would pay the 50% and have them mail the book to you. He does not give answers and its a big book with a bunch of questions at the end of each section and you have to hunt for them. I don’t like cramming for shit in this way. But that is just me.

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Side note. If you pay 50% of any class at mpt they will mail the book to you. I do it all the time but this time things into play last min

Still…because a employer requires it.

Yes, this is a great resource and recommended.

That’s what I was referring to as “piece of paper”. Some of us who work as first responders and are EMT and deal with such emergency situations, basically come away from the CG with nothing other than EMT. Don’t get me wrong, EMT is great, but it too is a certification. Does that carry over to the decks of the commercial world???
Seems nevertheless I need to obtain the MED PIC. We can all agree the CG and IMO have made an absolute spiderweb of confusion with everything.

You don’t need Med-PIC. Most employers don’t even know what it is. I can only think of one tugboat company that “prefers” it.

EMT would be better. Everyone knows what that is.

I’m willing to pre-study and go to a 10 day Med-PIC class, but I’m not willing to spend six months going to an EMT class.

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