Mechanic dreamed of joining the Coast Guard. Then his wife was groped by his superior

Mechanic dreamed of joining the Coast Guard. Then his wife was groped by his superior

Multiple service members interviewed by McClatchy confirmed there was a “swing” culture at the time in Air Station Kodiak.

This reminds me of the case of CMDR Ben Strickland who was sacked as XO of CGC MUNRO in Kodiak , Ak after reports of sexual abuse between enlisted crew, As XO he filed a report to his superiors in the chain of command. to report the abuse and then the dominos started falling against the good commander and his career was on the downhill slide. and eventually forced to retire.
An excellent book was written about the case.


Not surprising. Kodiak has the highest suicide, alcoholism, divorce and spousal abuse rate in the military. I had one friend on my ship kill himself and one friend miss with a 12 ga. when tried. I still feel partially responsible because I SHOULD have seen the signs but chose to ignore them because men didn’t do that back then.

It is also very clannish and does not like outsiders. The Perfect Storm happened in the Atlantic. Kodiak is a perfect storm all the time.

Puts a pervy spin on the motto “always prepared”…

Swing culture meaning crew rotation ?


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1940’s dancing?

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Playground equipment?


Three chuckles in one day, tied my record. Who said mariners did not have a sense of humor?

We all have a wicked sense of humor. You know you laughed at work, a lot. Just can’t explain the laughs when back home. Our sense of humor kept us sane and together.

The knowing smirk really gets to landlubbers.

From the article in the OP

The report caused a stir, partly because Adm. Karl Schultz, who heads the Coast Guard, declined to testify before Congress about the alleged retaliation for complaints about harassment.