MEBA Radar Revalidation Course Online

Has anyone taken the MEBA online Radar Renewal course? What did you think of it? How fast was their turn around on scheduling the exam, and sending out the certificate?

bill brucato had a good review of it a year or two ago, look it up.

[QUOTE=z-drive;187722]bill brucato had a good review of it a year or two ago, look it up.[/QUOTE]

Thanks. That was a very helpful blog post about taking the MEBA radar renewal online. In short, he said don’t do it.

I was worried about delays in processing and the advertised 10 days just to send out the certificate.

Myself, I like the usual way of walking in to a school, practicing with an instructor, taking the exam, and walking out with my certificate in hand. Driving a few hours to take the course is no big deal.

I did it a couple years ago, it worked real well for me, a lot more convenient to work into my schedule, and i only had to drive 30 mins to a prometric testing center instead of flying to Seattle or driving 4+hrs to the bay area

I went through this course about 4-5 weeks ago. Overall, the convenience of it, for me, couldn’t be beat, but I don’t live close to any place that offers the class. If you know your stuff or are fairly savvy with the computer it’s pretty easy. If you need any guidance though it’s not very helpful. The whole process from the time I signed up to when I finished and got my certificate was about 3 weeks, but I took my time and had to work in between. Bottom line, if you’ve been through these a few times before and think it’s pretty easy than you should have no problem.

I went through this about 4-5 weeks ago. The convenience of it was the best part for me. If you’ve been through these classes before or are remotely savvy with a computer you should have no problem. You get 2 chances to pass I believe. The last practice quiz they give you is basically an exact replica of the test you’ll see when you go in. The only downside is you don’t have any 1-1 time with an instructor but if you study the material you shouldn’t need it. Don’t let it scare you, study and it’s a piece of cake. There’s also some pretty good videos on YouTube if you need any extra explanation.