McNeil Island WA ferry

I’m looking for a maritime gig to come home to every night. The McNeil ferry, part of DOC WA state, has made me this offer.
Has anyone worked them or knew anyone who worked with them in Washington state? They are located in south Puget Sound and sail from Steilacoom to McNeil island. I want to learn more if anyone knows. Thank you.

the add is missing? there’s a big diff between sailing for them and working ashore.

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Uniquely creepy place: On Washington's McNeil Island, the only residents are 214 dangerous sex offenders | US crime | The Guardian

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I was shoreside for them a while ago. It is a typical state job. There was very little professional maritime operations. The operators are essentially bus drivers with bad attitudes. Deckhands are a joke. Maintenance only gets done when something breaks, there is little to know budget to work with. If you really want to work with a bunch of disgruntled, un professional people go ahead and work there. You are MUCH better off going to a local tugboat out fit where you can develop your skills and make a career out of it. You will waste your time at McNeil island. I wasted 14 months of my life and regret ever going there,

if you want to go the passenger ferry route and be home more. Washington State Ferries is one step above that. They run you around for a couple of years and the pay is a little better. Good benefits. Better job when you have a regular route.

You are better off at Kitsap Transit fast ferries. New boats but positions rarely get posted. Regardless you would be better off there

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