Part time engineer work in Pacific NW?

My husband and I are considering moving to Washington, somewhere between Bellingham and Seattle. Problem is, we’re not sure we can survive on just his income if we make the move (I am currently working in HVAC sales, but planning to come home to raise kids within the next year; we already have one child). We are currently landlocked, hence the shoreside work. I did sail on my 3 A/E license for a few years and all of my documents are still active and current.

Does anyone know of night engineer spots or any kind of part time port work that I could pick up to fill a possible income gap? Tugs? I’ve been out of the maritime scene for about 5 years and was never with a union, I’m not sure what all there is up there. Previously I worked offshore (GoM) and out of Hawaii for a bit.

Thanks in advance for any leads or info!

Try Coastal Transportation in Ballard.

Kirby offshore marine, out of Seattle. Need’s engineers for sure.

Arrow launch Services (Home office in Port Angeles but I think they have a place in Bellingham), Stabbert Maritime in Ballard (they also have a small shipyard there). There are several smaller tug companies north of Seattle. One of the bigger outfits runs out of Everett (I forget the name) and there is another in La Conner. Google and ye shall find:a

Good to know…

You are referring to Dunlap in Everett, mostly they tow freight barges to Hawaii and Alaska, and some coastwise chip barges. As for seasonal engineer work northland services is also a good place to look as well.