Mcallister offshore, new york

Can anybody tell me what kind of company Mcallister offshore is like to work for?

The overwhelming number of responses to this thread should be more than sufficient to answer your question…

Are you just starting out? It’ll get you a pay check while you wait for a better company to hire you.

It’s a paycheck? They take “ok” care of guys who have been there for a long time.

If you like old boats, dirty crew members and being tied up and sent home its not a bad place to be. Once a couple of the barges they push around finally go out your going to see a mad scrambler and a bunch of parked equipment.

Strictly bottom-shelf or 3rd tier kind of Company. Steve Kress, the general manager, has run McAllister into the ground during his tenure.

“Micro” has something to do with the managing. It’s a shame though. Why they could never get a union vote is beyond me.

Never worked for them but surely they’ve improved since the '80s and '90s. In JAX, I’ve witnessed on several occasions where one tug had to drag-start another.

Was on a ship with an ABS guy telling me about how he went on a Mcallister boat and the whole msd system was made out of PVC bought at Home Depot, leaky, shitty, and unsafe.

McAllister is a fly-by-night two-bit joke. Broken down equipment patched together with duct tape and bailing wire. Don’t go offshore with them. They’ll take you on right away because no one stays there any longer than enough time to get some experience and go somewhere else.