Matson's LURLINE

Anyone in the PNW know if Matson’s LURLINE has departed Seattle for the breaker’s yard yet?
Thanks in advance.

I am pretty sure that I saw something on Facebook saying that she was on her why to be cut up.

Article sources: westseattleblog with a few comments at the bottom of each article.

FEBRUARY 15, 2017 11:48 AM

Another article write up

Who has the tow? Foss?

Tradewinds Towing. Looks like the tug Hollywood.

This was the largest commercial dead ship to ever transit the canal. Congrats TradeWinds Towing.


I recall reading that here or maybe on another site.
Funny thing is, for as big a tow as she is, I do not see any assist or tail boats.
Maybe they’re obscured on that port side because of the angle of the photo, but I cannot imagine the canal authority or pilots permitting that ship to be towed through without an escort.

I’m sure they had assist tugs in the locks but maybe there isn’t a need in the canal itself.

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Maybe things have changed, but the last couple of dead ship tows I was on transiting through had tugs strapped up all the way.
Not a big deal, just something I noticed. As I wrote above, they might be obscured because of the angle and altitude of the photographer.
Edit: Also, just wanted to mention how it is kind of depressing for me to see such a fine ship like Lurline make her last voyage at the end of a tow cable.

The assist tug is obscured due to the angle of that photo, but it is there.