Mate OSV

I currently hold a 1600 Ton Mate Near Coastal license. Ive been looking on the NMC site and found the checklist. Can anyone tell me what I have to do for this? Since I already habe the license, do I still need the sea time? Or can I be grandfathered in?


You just need to apply for it. You have everything you need already.

Really it shouldn’t even require an application, they should just issue it to everyone who holds a mate or master 1600 like they did with able seafarer.

I agree! Especially if you have sea time on OSV’s, it should be automatic.

a 1600 grt master or mate’s ticket covers all self propelled vessels, so in my opinion getting the OSV equivalent is a moot action.

the OSV less than 1600 grt tickets were a nice loop hole for the 500 grt master and mates…and from what I learned the only reason that came to be was because of the OSVs being built in the last decade only had one tonnage rating. i.e. single rating of 1300 itc but if it held a domestic rating would have still been under 500 grt…

It’s not moot at all. With today’s OSV’s a 1600/3000 won’t cover the tonnage on most 300’ vessels. A mate osv has a 10,000 ton limit so you can operate much bigger vessels as long as the COI is that of an OSV.

This is why most 1600 ton masters carry a master OSV 10,000 now. So they can be captain on things over 3000 tons.

didn’t realize that. according to checklist it specifies a mate not master so I suppose I wouldn’t qualify.

Check this out for info on master osv

Technically a mate OSV license has no tonnage limit, it’s just limited to OSVs. It just so happens that currently OSVs are limited to 10,000 GT.

That’s what I thought at first until I remembered the recent change they did to the license structure.

You’re correct. It’s unlimited but limited by its trade so either way it’s 10,000 until they change it to something bigger. I avoid saying unlimited because some people interpret that the wrong way and forget there is a trade restriction involved.

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Not really. Under the 2014 regulation change, Mate (OSV) does not have a tonnage limit it is valid on OSVs of any tonnage. So it allows service on an OSV of greater than 1,600 GRT (3,000 GT).

Master (OSV) is in two tonnage increments, Less Than 1,600 GRT/3,000 GT and 1,600 GRT/3,000 GT or More.

either I don’t remember all this or it’s my first time hearing it, but to clarify…

a 500 or 1600 grt mate can with no testing get mate osv unlimited, which is actually a 10000 gt license, but a 500 or 1600 grt master can only get 1600 grt OSV master. to get the bigger OSV license the master needs to do the program and/or testing?

I assumed the mate’s license worked the same as the master. so the mate’s license is a less painful path to get some tonnage it seems.

Can you explain this? When does CG automatically add AS to an MMC?

Yes a 500 or 1600 ton mate can get osv “unlimited” with no testing.

Depending on when your sea time started if it is before March 24, 2014 then you need to do the large osv program and be on a vessel over 3000 tons. If your time started after that I believe you can go mate osv, chief mate osv, master osv and if your time is over 3000tons you would get a master osv 10,000. No testing required.

@jdcavo please correct me if I am wrong.

They don’t automatically add it, they did, when the rating first came out, automatically issue it to anyone qualified on their next upgrade/renewal.

You have the qualifiers reversed. If your sea time started before March 24, 2014 them you can do the old large OSV program if you want or you can do the new program. If your sea time started after 24 March 2014 then you cannot do the old large OSV program and you must get Mate OSV, then Chief Mate OSV, then Master OSV.


I’m not sure about that. The checklist says “hold or qualify for mate” 500/1600. Since a master is qualified to sail as mate one might be able to get the license. If you haven’t taken the current mate exams before you might have to retake them though.

There is no program available anymore except in a few grandfathering cases. The way to increase tonnage is to sail as mate on OSVs over 3,000 ITC.

It used to. There was a Mate large OSV license before that one had to do the “training program” and assessments to receive.

which means the clearest path would be to sit for a 500 grt or 1600 grt mate’s license, then apply for a mate osv. its debatable whether or not a master osv could get mate osv with no testing.