Mate 1600T OC to Mate OSV Unlimited OC

Hey Fellars. Submitted paperwork to raise in grade from 1600 Mate Oc to Mate OSV Unlimited so I can work on some of the other vessels in our fleet, and was hit with a 7 module exam requirement. Does that seem right? It probably is but I just want to make sure. Think that’s more exams than I took for my original.

Disregard… found an old Cavo post that cleared it up.

Link the old post for future readers.

Will do. I think I over-researched it, and now I’m annoyed again. The thread is here -
Mate OSV - Professional Mariner Forum - Mate OSV - #2 by Ctony It’s actually a really informative conversation.
The link Cavo provided was here and it clearly shows the exam I took for 1600T Mate Oceans covers the same subjects and more, than the Mate OSV exam. The financial loss incurred by waiting a few more months working as an AB (for 3rd mate) on our unlimited ships is far more tolerable than re-sitting for 7 exams.