Mate of towing N.C. with A OUPV N.C

Has anybody ever had, Mate of towing N.C. with a OUPV N.C… I guess this would limit me to a 100 Ton vessel with only six crewmembers ? Or would I have any limitations on my Mate of Towing NC ? I only have 102 days near coastal time I upgraded my inland Master a Towing to a Mate of towing Vessels N.C. Using a Lupo: “46 CFR 11.464” My current endorsements are: Master towing upon Inland Water, Great lakes, Western Rivers. Mate of towing NC, 1600 Western Rivers, 1600 Inland Waters, OUPV NC.

An OUPV to my understanding is ‘operator of uninspected passenger vessels’ also known as a ‘6 pack’ license…in other words you can take no more than 6 passengers for hire.

With all your other endorsements you listed you don’t qualify for a 100 ton master or larger?

The way I read what you are posting is this:

You can run a tugboat as a master of tow inland, western, GL

Mate of Tow, NC

However if you are running passengers then you only have an OUPV and would be limited to 6 pax

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The 6 pack license and Mate of Towing are completely separate licenses. One of them does not limit, or enhance, the other.