Mate Of Towing

I have a 100ton Master,200ton Mate license, both Near Coastal, also Mate Of Towing Vessel Near Coastal. I have been getting two different answers from the NMC about what tonnage of a towing vessel I can run. One person says the Mate Of Towing is good for any tonnage towing vessel and the next person says I can only run up to 200ton because thats the biggest license that I hold. Can someone help me clear this mess up!!!

Up to 200 GRT Mate, Near Coastal.

I asked Mr. Cavo this same question recently and he told me that the Mate of Towing Near Coastal is a separate license allowing service on NC towing vessels up to 300 grt and inland towing vessels of any grt, regardless of the tonnage restrictions on your other licenses. (I did not ask this but for now am assuming that that only applies to uninspected towing vessels.)

Master/Mate of Towing are good up to 200 tons on NC routes, and have no tonnage restrictions on Inland routes. At 200 and above, one must need a 500, 1600 or Unlimited License.

This link gives further elucidation…