Matching tug to barge

Question for all you River Tug Guys
I have a 250’ barge (900t/ 3’ draft) that I have to transport 1500 miles on a sometimes shallow river (10’+-)
not many big power tugs with hp required that will be able to navigate these shallow waters so doing some research I see that these “truckable tugs” might do the trick.
question - would a 25’ tug with 600hp mange to push this barge against a 2-3 mph current?

Thanks in advance for your comments

Probably not if you want to get there by Christmas against a head current like that.

he just needs to find a pair of mad lads prepared to send it with whatever they have

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A 1500 mile trip on the Mississippi River system is a long trip pushing a barge. I wouldn’t recommend anything less than a 2,000hp pushboat/towboat.