Line Haul training

Does anyone know of a company that pushes 25-45 barge tows and will hire and post a mate of towing on the lower mississippi river?

Almost anyone will as long as you have smaller boat handling skills with a few years running the upper and lower from st. Louis to new orleans. No one will do it if you dont have the references to back up your experience.

Thanks, i just was not sure if they would post someone from smaller boats.

And what boat u riding at FMT, u seem to know alot more about this stuff than most guys ive worked with here.

Man i been working out here for about 10 years. 5 for FMT . I used to work for ARTCO , i know what most of those guys will and wont do. I rode all the 6,000’s and some smaller ones.

Cool deal. Well glad to see ur time and effort payin off.