Mass Maritime Manned Model Course

Has anybody taken this? Is it worth the $5,000? This would be coming out of my pocket. Just curious to see if it’s as good as they say it is.

I know pilots go up there and take it. From what I hear, the handling is very realistic and I hear it’s a good course, but I’ve never taken it.

I’ve heard the same.

Anyone with experience in the class on here?

No first hand experience, but the overview link looks interesting:

I took the class last summer. Excellent.

Came into the class w a couple decades of ship handling under my belt - MPSV captain amongst other stuff - and found it a great place to hone my skills.
In fact, in our class there were 3 x young mates who the instructors bunched together and then there was me and a Tangiers pilot who received more specialized training in a separate grouping.

I would recommend the course.