Shipyard Competent Person

I got a chance to go through a Shipyard Competent Person course, so, of course, I’m going to go.

It got me thinking about ancillary training.

What kind of training have you, my fellow mariners, found helpful, outside of the required BST/STCW/USCG type of training? Things like Forklift certification, Crane/Rigger training, HAZWOPER, Helicopter Underwater Egress Training, et cetera.

What have you all done? Anything you guys find essential?

Manned models at Mass Maritime and engineering for deckies at the STAR center where among the highlights. I’d also love to take a few yachting classes at MPTS and King’s Point’s GMATS has some unusual, but interesting, courses.

But next on my list is Technical Rope Rescue and Helicopter Firefighting. Should be fun.