Additional training

Does anyone know of any additional training that can be taken for someone looking for entry level employment. I start STCW on monday at CMTI, but im looking for anything else i could take to help my chances. Had my first interview last week with a drug test, and everything went well, but no call back yet. Any advice or help is welcomed.

I believe CMTI also has a deckhand orientation program. Teaches you the basics of line handling and shipboard operations/expectations.
If you have no other background in the industry, that [I]could[/I] be a big help. Let you know a little better what to expect, and maybe not make such a fool of yourself on your first boat.

That’s a nice little school specializing in limited tonnage vessels. Look for the huge American flag as you drive down the road, or you might drive past.

Great, thanks so much. I stopped at school today ( i live about 30 minutes away) , and got registered for stcw on monday. I will register for next deck hand orientation as well. Thanks again for the help.

[QUOTE=mkorman75;182519]I start STCW on monday[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=mkorman75;182532]I stopped at school today and got registered for stcw on monday.[/QUOTE]

Which “STCW” are you referring to?

BST with Firefighting

Change of plans…i registered for the deckhand orientation starting 4/4-4/8, which will give me my first aid and cpr certs. Then i registered for the STCW beginning on 4/25 which will give me BST and firefighting. Any other courses anyone can think of please let me know. Thanks in advance.