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Except your completely full of shit.

“The models used to predict future global warming can accurately map past climate changes. If they get the past right, there is no reason to think their predictions would be wrong. Testing models against the existing instrumental record suggested CO2 must cause global warming, because the models could not simulate what had already happened unless the extra CO2 was added to the model. All other known forcings are adequate in explaining temperature variations prior to the rise in temperature over the last thirty years, while none of them are capable of explaining the rise in the past thirty years. CO2 does explain that rise, and explains it completely without any need for additional, as yet unknown forcings.”

“Where models have been running for sufficient time, they have also been proved to make accurate predictions. For example, the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo allowed modellers to test the accuracy of models by feeding in the data about the eruption. The models successfully predicted the climatic response after the eruption. Models also correctly predicted other effects subsequently confirmed by observation, including greater warming in the Arctic and over land, greater warming at night, and stratospheric cooling.”


methane leveling off only on that web site, here’s one I might believe


It’s still significantly less than CO2 so it doesn’t have nearly as much of an impact (yet).

<2 ppm vs 410 ppm


I dont think you can compare in ppm, its increases and what effect each has for each 1ppm.
The planet needs Co2 to survive so you cant start at zero ppm and say its a big number


Aren’t you Australian? Why are you commenting on our politics? You should worry about the sorry state of affairs in your sorry country.


I’m just saying that even though methane is 20 times more potent of a greenhouse gas, the fact that there’s over 200 times more CO2 means it has more of an effect on warming. That’s not to say we don’t need to watch rising methane levels though.



Because the politics in the world’s most powerful nations matters to the rest of the world. You were saved from disaster at your last election, or I should say, you saved yourselves from disaster. I’m just observing the circus as lefty heads explode and the swamp is gradually drained.

Oh I do, I do. But would you notice/care if I didn’t? We have a disastrous PM who’s drunk the global warming Kool Aid and we want him out, but we search in vain for an Aussie who can do a Trump and pull out of the Paris stupidity, rein in the enviro-nazis and militant unions and waste a whole heap less of our taxes. But you’d probably like our man.


If you are concerned about the politics of the most powerful nation in the world, why are you worried about America? The greater concern should be a country where the president has just forced through a change to the constitution to allow him to stay in power for as long as he wants. A country which is buying up huge swathes if Africa to secure strategic resources. A country that has it’s own space program. And builds artificial islands to grab what was previously free navigation. A country that has unilaterally blown out IPCC targets by building coal fired power stations.


Don’t forget they have facial recognition that can spot someone in a crowd at a music festival. They monitor everything on the state operated version of Whatsapp.


There’s no “politics” in China. It’s a communist dictatorship. It’s not that I’m not worried about China. I don’t see China as a beacon of freedom and democracy and never expect it to be. USA should be so what happens there has consequences for the world. If USA drops the ball, as was happening under Obama, we are all in deep doo doo.

I’m with the Chinese on this one. They still have large populations with inadequate electricity, or old, inefficient and very polluting (as in soot and particles - not CO2) power stations. Their first priority is to raise the level of their poorest and you can’t do that without the means of a modern economy. Same with India which will soon be the largest nation.


yes but isnt that the question, what effect does each gas have?


When Americans stop commenting and meddling in every other countries affairs maybe??


See, that’s where you’re wrong and completely misunderstand Americans. We only care about ourselves. You’re mistaken if you think the general population cares about Norway, Australia, or any other country, much less be able to locate them on a map.


Oh it’s a circus alright, but that swamp isn’t getting any shallower. Quite the opposite actually. I’d imagine you’re a fan of our scandal riddled EPA director. Quite the swamp creature…


Yes. I don’t know what scandal. Is it that he’s demanded that all “science” justifying EPA regulations be publicly released with accompanying data? Radical! Having science that might be able to be replicated by scientists was inconvenient for the previous administration. They liked to keep it secret … because it didn’t exist. And declared things dangerous that weren’t.

I imagine the greatest scandal is that he’s a sensible, global warming sceptic which, in itself, causes heads to explode, but now that he’s in charge of global warming alarmist central HQ, the head explosions are going nuclear.

That’s typical of course. The “scientists” who infested the desks at the EPA and had always thought the world should drop to its knees and pay homage are now having to find a real job as Uber drivers or some such.

I suspect he’ll have some bumpy rides ahead and I wish him well.


I suspect he will be well taken care off by his Secret Service contingent wherever he goes and whatever he may get into.


I just answered that and the article I linked previously did as well.


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is NOT from the DC Swamp. He comes from Oklahoma state government. However, Like many other outsiders coming into DC (and many longtime Swamp creatures) Pruitt has quickly become seduced by the Swamp; he’s demanding and overutilizing government perks, and wasting taxpayer money on silly personal expenses. Many people in various Administrations have done similar things, some of them have been fired.

Often very capable people who do a very good job fall victim to these same temptations of personal excess on the taxpayer’s dime. Remember John Sununnu or “Air Sununnu”?

The EPA was really out of control, especially under Obama. It needs to be brought under realistic control with practical rules that don’t kill small business. Pruitt is doing that.

Normally someone like Pruitt would be promptly fired for excess spending, and the appearance of being too cozy with lobbyists, but giving current politics, Pruitt would be too hard to replace. Democrats are holding up all of Trump’s appointments. There would be an incredible political battle over appointing a replacement for Pruitt. Trump is quite correctly keeping Pruitt on the job at the EPA, although Trump would prefer to fire him.


you mean that website that has a trend going down when NASA says its going up?


What he said. . .