Maritime safety meeting suggestions

I’m having to come up with a safety meeting agenda from scratch. I’ve asked a few friends to let me know what their respective companies are doing for Feb but I was hoping to get some ideas from here too, Hopefully with some links that I can print off to share with my crew. I’m on board a H boat RO/RO passenger ferry.


Ferry Accidents and Injuries . Maritime injury guide . Some topics to dig into . dose not look like any thing is pre- formatted for a hand outs , but might be in the general direction .

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If you have ABs looking to upgrade, assign them a short topic for presentation. From a crew development standpoint, it increases their confidence in public speaking and puts a different face in front of the crew which will hopefully help them pay attention to important topics.

Not sure where you are operating, but cold weather safety and injury prevention are always good topics for February with emphasis on detecting and preventing hypothermia and frost bite.

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Slips, trips and falls account for 75% of all injuries on vessels. Show the linked YouTube video below. Post the poster by the galley or lounge. Discuss what can be done to prevent slips, trips and falls on your vessel. Challenge the crew to come up with a few near misses or safety observations pertaining to slips, trips or falls. Print out and leave the Alert! issue and UK P&I article in the galley or lounge.

Let’s be safe out there!

Slips trips and falls is exactly what I came up with for this month. Thanks

Dry Fly is right on course with this .
Crew development is # 1 in a world where no one gives a shit about much any more . Slips trips and falls is an important issue , and worth covering . Though for some hands ,they have seen the slips trips and falls films to the point of being complacent while watching the videos , and when sitting thru the safety talk , everyone breaks out their phone and pretends to be there .
Dig into your vessels specific mission and find something that pertains explicitly to what your people are dealing with on an everyday basis that is deeper than the" cut and paste " items that have been seen and heard before .
Being on a ro/ro vessel I would think safety meeting topics on ventilation , fire prevention/ and unsecured cargo , along with basic stability and the issues of dealing with the public in general would eventually pay off .
Think outside the box , but still on the deck .
Be different , a near miss usually means it will happen again unless something is changed or corrected .

  Remember ; you want your people to own the job .
That's Seamanship at it's best .
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Down on the bayou, isn’t “safety meeting” just a euphemism for open up the mini-fridge and crack open a cold one?

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