Maritime Digitalisation now a necessity

Digitalisation is no longer just an interesting though and future aspect in shipping, but a necessity:

What to read into the COSCO-Alibaba tie up on digitalisation and blockchain in shipping?:

Better Broadband for ships is now a necessity to retain the best crews:

Oh yes, it also help in other things, like remote monitoring of operation, machinery and equipment.

With increased connectivity come greater risk of cyber attack. Insurers and Class join forces to secure shipping:,guidance%20that%20address%20maritime%20cybersecurity.

With increased connectivity comes the need for stronger Cyber Security:

I’d imagine some companies might want high speed internet to constantly monitor fuel consumption remotely, to stop crews fudging consumption figures so they can sell the fuel.

With digitalisation comes the need for more cyber security. A Webinar on the subject is about to start, but you may be still able to join:

The question is: how prepared is shipping for Cyber attack?:

The next step is Artificial Intelligence to make sense of it all:

Maritime needs to embrace business Intelligence and predictive learning before AI. Most people don’t even know what true AI is, and this industry is still not even focusing on BI and using predictive data and analysis to run their operations better.

Here is a report about the Webinar:

Cyber Security training for crew is necessary to be ready for 01.Jan.2021:

More collaboration in the digitization of ships and shipping:,added%20digital%20applications%20and%20services.

ZIM is getting more feet to stand on. They are getting into Cyber Security:

But it is not their first, or only venture into the Cyber world:

Everybody wants to have a role in the digitization of shipping_

If you are not computer literate it is better to get out of shipping, either by seeking a different profession, or by retiring.

Alternatively, re-schooling to be relevant in the future.

Chevron Shipping and ABS gets on the digitization and Smart Ship wagon:

Here is the Pegasus Voyager’s Q88 page:

With further digitization in shipping and the Internet of Things comes the need for training of both crews and shore based personnel in Cyber security:

One more thing that need to be addressed with increased digitization is how it is handled and communicated between ship and shore:,and%20managing%20file%20transfers%20manually.

But the means of communicating the date from ship to shore will also need to be streamlined and standardized:

VesselMan sign agreement with Bourbon for the provision of cloud-based project management software:,project%20management%20software%20with%20BOURBON.&text=Glenn%20Edvardsen%2C%20CEO%20of%20VesselMan,value%20VesselMan%20added%20to%20Bourbon.

Don’t know who and what VesselMan is? Neither did I so I Googled it:

Kongsberg’s Vessel Insight ship-to-cloud data infrastructure service has got a blessing from DNV-GL: