Maritime art

Hi all,

This is my first post in the forum and I’d like to raise awareness of my dad’s maritime artwork.

My dad, Michael Hepburn is a pastel artist from Greenock with a keen interest in maritime work. Greenock, along the Clyde Coast in Scotland, has a strong history and tradition of shipbuilding, and so maritime became his favourite subject matter.

To provide a little background, his work has been exhibited at The Royal Scottish Academy, The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine arts, The Pastel Society in London and a variety of other galleries throughout the UK. His work resides in a number of private collections; namely those of the McLean Museum, the late Sir Arnold Clark, Clydeport, Clyde Maritime Trust, Norman Godman, Cory Tugs, Clyde Shipping Tugs and Karlsen Shipping.

A number of his works have been made into prints and cards, and you can view the maritime scenes in this section of the website:

If you have any questions just let me know.




These are terrific!

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Thanks @Emrobu! Do you recognise any of the scenes?

The Riverside Museum for sure.

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The tall ship Glenlee at the museum is worth a look if you are ever in Glasgow.

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@Emrobu @Hogsnort Where are you both from?

Newfoundland, but I did my last batch of STCW courses in Glasgow.

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New Zealand but I did some courses in Scotland many years ago but toured more recently.

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nice pics, thx.

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Thanks @jimrr. Are you from Scotland?

No, mtns. Of NE Oregon, USA.