gCaptain Artists

I jsut discovered that one of our blog contributers has an album out:

Clcik the photos for album details.

Any other gCaptains out there with albums/books/ect?

Nice web site Tom has!

My son and I recorded a CD a few years back.
<img alt="" src=“http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41JHku2lLzL.SS500.jpg” />

I don’t exactly have an album out, but I play the bass guitar and the drums and I have recorded some material while jamming with my friends. I don’t think many of the people on this forum would appreciate the type of music I play though haha.

I was on a tug in Hawai’i for a while where we turned the forepeak space into a jam room. We had a two guitar players, a drummer, a bass player, and a harmonica player. We called ourselves the Alenuihaha Blues Band.

I guess Im representing the visual artists here, I played a bit of music back in the day too, but always had a good eye. I dont have anything to share with you now, but considered consigning paintings to the corporate offices of some of the ships in their fleet. I have known some excellent sketch artists in my time on ships, some of them design the tshirts we sell on the ships.
Perhaps I will put brush to canvas again someday, instead of International 990 epoxy on a bulkhead…