Mariner Pay 2023

Stevens is one of those companies that doesn’t run licensed engineers probably.

Will they pay in jerky and beaver nuggets instead?

Crowley 650 & 750 class ATB pay:

I heard through the grapevine that recently some additional raises/retention bonuses (perhaps both) went into effect that aren’t shown on these charts. I’m no longer working there so I can’t confirm 100%.

I can only post one pic at a time as a new user so i’ll start with the unlicensed wages


Crowley 650 class ATB licensed wages


Crowley 750 class ATB licensed wages


Which union or unions is this contract thru? The 750 class units?

SIU for both

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What is an hourly penalty rate?

if you have to do any work inside tanks you get penalty time in addition to your day rate

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I think spill clean-up too.

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So that dayrate is for a 12 hour day with no overtime?

thats correct. 12 hour day no overtime.

Yes … 46 CFR 11.470.

I have been on Jack ups where the OIM only has an AB and a Semi-Sub where the OIM did not have a maritime background but there was also a Master in addition to the OIM.

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Any AB’s, QMEDs or Engineers desperate for work, I recommend calling Hornbeck. Pay is getting on the lower end of the OSV industry but quarterly rumors of raises that never turn into fruition, no cooks on mudboats, and an added plus of living out of your suitcase and jumping from boat to boat because they can’t crew their boats.

I have been on several jack-ups, but I have never heard of an OIM without an OIM license for the last 10 years. Many times, that will be the only license required when on location, but that is the minimum for the USCG, Liberia, and Marshall Islands. This was part of Resolution A.1079(28) which has been around for a while now.

Your way of thinking is my precise reason for stepping out of the GOM OSV market. Yes, I could hunker down and take every required class to upgrade to acquire the 500/1600 -3,000/10,000 and all that jazz but after observing the several maritime paths I discovered that with my current credentials I can make a decent living on inland tugs without all of the grief of dealing with classes/courses and the NMC.

I meant only an AB separate from the OIM license. Meaning there are rigs where they OIM does not also have a Master’s license but he always has an OIM license.

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I don’t drive boats…but I know that one or two months of big boy pay way more than covers and costs of classes/testing to get the required upgrades.

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Different strokes for different folks. For me to go work tugs of any type I would be on backup plan Q for finding work. I like OSVs some don’t we all have a place.

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Understood. That’s pretty much standard then.