Mariner Pay 2023

Engineers got $70/day, 3rd Mates - $100/day raise, AB Unlimited is at $465/day (don’t know what they were making before), and QMEDs got a $90/day raise. I think HOS jumped everyone on AB and QMED but Chief Engineer is still under day rate for Chouest until you factor in the quarterly bonus of 10% gross. Chief Mates are also higher than Chief Engineers.

Nearly $500 a day for an AB? :scream:

I need to go back on deck


If I were an engineer on an OSV I’d pack my bags.

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Not surprised. Seems like ABs and qmeds are in the highest demand these days.

New HOS rates spreading like wildfire on this ECO osv. Guys calling each other looking at who will bail. We are short as it is now. Can’t imagine losing more. I imagine the same is happening on the Harvey, Jackson, Candies, Seacor, etc.


ECO would have a lot more if their quack Doctor didnt turn so many people away

What makes you think he is a quack? Maybe he just wants to be sure only healthy people go to work. ECO is likely self insured which means they pay the healthcare bills.
If the US had a universal health plan like most developed countries this would not be an issue. Until then employers do whatever they can to reduce paying for healthcare which is VERY expensive in the US.

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The “foot doctor”/“Dr. Death” has been gone a while now. (Unless he came back and I haven’t heard about it)

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Meanwhile Harvey is stacking boats again……


At least as of 8 months ago, he’s still around…at the very least consulting with the nurse practitioner and not so much in person if at all.

Why won’t anyone mention the doctor’s name that previously screened new hires @ Chouest? Dr. Duet (spelling) I believe.

I think their reputation from the downturn will last longer than the last downturn.

A friend who works for HOS as an AB told me he took a -15% pay cut. I think he’s bullshitting me. But swears it’s the truth. He’s in their govt boat division.

He was bullshitting me. I should know better with him :rofl:

15% 465/day for ABs. The oilfield absurdity returns!

I wanna say a few months ago i saw an ad for curtin paying ABs somewhere near that number.

Now we just gotta see how long the insanity lasts!