Marine Sanitation Devices

I’m new to this site. I’m the USCG & AWO Compliance Manager for my company (a harbor service) and need help with the following marine sanitation device issue:

33 CFR 159.59
Each device must have a placard suitable for posting on which is printed the operating instructions, safety precautions, and warnings pertinent to the device. The size of the letters printed on the placard must be one-eighth of an inch or larger.

My question is, do I need to create a placard or is there some place that I can order a placard for this? We have Type II MSDs.


Probably from the company that made the msd as it is supposed to have operating instructions on it.

Thanks, I already contacted them, no help. I’m looking for a single page that can be laminated and mounted on a wall, maybe?

Just make a copy of the relevant section of the manual, laminate it and tape it to the wall.

Call Green Marine in New Orleans or contact Red Fox Enviro. They will email you a PDF of what you are looking for. Then it’s print, laminate, hang over each toilet and pray people heed the warning. Nothing like waking up to a log jam before you have had your coffee!