Management Level Assessments

I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a copy of the management level STCW assessments M-1-1A to M-9-1D. I have a copy of the A-II/2 competency chart but am trying to find the assessment packet similar to the OICNW packet.

NMC policy letter 04-02. try this link

Thank you captmike, I’m also wondering about the logistics of signing those assessments off. They are for some odd reason required for a 200ton Ocean Master’s license. As a 500ton master I’ve only had the OICNW assessments myself and don’t know that I can sign off these assessments for crewmembers looking to get a 200ton oceans. Also, it seems that some of the requirements would be near impossible to meet (as to the vessels on which assessments are to be performed) for an AB or 200 ton NC mate working on a 100-200 ton vessel hoping to upgrade to Oceans. If anyone has any idea on how I should go about this I would be very happy to know the evaluatory logistics.

I think there are others on this site that are more knowledgeable about the specific assessment requirements than I am but I believe that there are a different set of assessments for 200 ton than the Master/Chief Mate Unlimited assessments. Also, my understanding is that if you are upgrading tonnage on a master’s ticket, there are no assessments.

Some assessments, some radar, and some celestial, are duplicates of that of the management level assessments. That does not means that you have to be at the management level, or have a chief mate or master sign them off, only that you will not have to do them again once you get there.
Every person that took ARPA at Chouest for instance is covered for two management level assessments regarding radar. The course covered that.