Maersk Kentucky

Happened to be at the seawall at Ft. Monroe and watched as the Maresk Kentucky was escorted into the Hampton Roads (Virginia) Harbor about 3:30/4pm today.
There was a USCG ship following the Kentucky, and there were weapon mounted USCG inflatable’s to her Port and Starboard.

Never seen anything like that. What was going on?

[QUOTE=BigGuy;75336] What was going on?[/QUOTE]

The Kentucky wouldn’t have been safe if they hadn’t been there. Or maybe Hampton Roads wouldn’t have been safe from the Kentucky if the rubber boaters weren’t there. Or maybe they were worried that one of the Kentucky crew would go ashore for a newspaper or something.

My guess, carrying explosives. On occasion they get escorts for that.

Or what Steamer said.

Were probally undocking that rusty bastard tonite if it hasnt already left.

Last received position is from yesterday