Maersk gasoline tanker product seizure

Maersk is not a fly-by-night operator. What possible motive could they have to defy an embargo

prob cuz they were going to make a profit one way or the other?

The gasoline on board the Maersk Progress is part of the 1.1 Mill. Bbls. that was seized from 4 Greek owned, Liberian flagged tankers earlier.

The Maersk Progress loaded half of the confiscated cargo in Sri Lanka (No port details given) and carried it to NYC, presumably on behalf of the US Gov.
Another tanker, carrying the other half is expected in NYC in a couple of days.

Since the cargo was seized in international waters and based on a unilateral US sanction, not a UN sanction, isn’t this piracy?

Maersk is thus guilty of aiding and abetting piracy and theft of cargo, not of breaking some US imposed sanction that is not legal and in accordance with international law.

PS> Did the cargo get transferred by STS at the deep water port of Tricomalee, or did the Sri Lankan Government actually participate in the theft as well??

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BTW; Doesn’t look like the Iranians are overly impressed by Trump’s sanctions: