Maersk Backs Away From US Military Contracts

I read this article that is so terribly written, I can’t even extract the information I am genuinely interested in.

Did Maersk divest of it’s MSP/TSP programs? Is this for Jones Act ships only? What is going on? Perhaps the author can use ChatGPT to write for him??? Because this is a common theme in most his articles (goobobly goop).


According to Hanley, Maersk executive interviewed by gCaptain today, the company plans to maintain its support and investment in container services and the US Maritime Security Program. However, it has already divested its critical tanker fleet and contracts to manage military grey hull ships. Maersk also was clear the recent divestiture of sale of assets received the approval of key military stakeholders including the US Maritime Administration (MARAD), Military Sealift Command (MSC) and the US Transportation Command (TRANSCOM).

I read this toward the bottom that article. Seems to answer your question, no? Sounds like they are building some insulation from the TSP program.

It sounds to me like the shifting alliances on the world stage and increasing probabilities for conflict are giving Maersk cold feet. As to the approval of the US military stakeholders, how much choice do they have?

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Typo’s aside, I don’t understand this continued fixation with comparing MARAD to the FAA, as the article calls “it’s sister agency”, with respect to headcount. Comparing 45,000 employees to 800 employees as if the agencies roles were in any way comparable. 14,000 of those are air traffic controllers, with no real US maritime equivalent. Over 10,000 are inspectors or technical roles, which for shipping that’s a CG or Class function and seems well staffed. The FAA oversees over a quarter million aircraft and over half a million licensed pilots. MARAD oversees maybe a couple hundred ships at most, and approximately zero licensed mariners because that’s under the CG’s purview (who’s staffing could admittedly be better).

I don’t know if 800 is the right size for MARAD, but insinuating it’s not enough or neglected because the FAA is so much bigger seems a nonsensical argument.


Sounds like Ive got something in common with Maersk, I don’t want to be on one of the hand full of American Flagged Tanker in the far east if missiles start flying.

But I think the context folks are missing: USMMI is to Maersk, as the Subway in the movie theater in Nome Alaska is to Subway HQ. It’s mostly just a franchise. From what I heard Mother Maersk was already not thrilled about being tied to a bunch of “rape ships” I could imagine they would also like to not be tied to a bunch of ships getting shot at by China, id imagine that is bad for business. (Even though all the tankers got a name change). Divesting that branch probably isnt a death blow to goverment funded tankers on our side of things.

Sure, we will need hundreds of tankers when war comes, but we will also need to ration gasoline and grow our own food, dare I ask if the hand full of community gardens are anywhere as near as effective as the Liberty Gardens of the 1940s? Do we have gas stamps on hand to be deployed at a moments notice? No, because we dont need it right now. Ford Motors started building 50,000 ventalors a month when we asked them. Give Elon Musk enough money and the next generation in ship building is going to start getting built out of Richmond shipyards again, and its probably going to look silly and make fart nosies, but we can still build them, but shoot, might even be revolutionary, and it would definitely have starlink. All the infastructure is still there in Richmond. With enough money it can be ready to go somewhat shortly. I know fuckall about chickens, but pay me $2 million up front and $200 per chicken delivered and I’m going to become one hell of a chicken farmer :man_farmer:t3:. Its not the end of the world, we will figure it out, we are Americans.


Also worth noting that most of what would be comparable in MARAD is delegated to States and local law enforcement. If MARAD had to chase down everyone on a seadoo like the FAA is technically responsible for all the drone operators, id imagine MARAD would be massive. Luckily recreational boat registration and enforcement is for the most part is on the state’s to do list.


I initially read this as MARAD agents on seadoos out enforcing navigation rules, and I gotta say, that’s the future we need. MARAD Marine Mounties blasting out of fog banks in pursuit of some drunk guy who didn’t turn on his running lights. Jumping wakes, brodying around obnoxiously, using grappling hooks to board larger vessels. All seadoos, all the time. The TV and marketing rights will fund the program.


I have lower goals…like an article that I can read and comprehend because it’s written with proper grammar and style instead of gibberish and run-on sentences.


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Nonsensical is being kind. It totally discredits an author trying to make the comparison. It’s beyond stupid.

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