MARAD Activates 27 Ships

Does anyone have information on this?

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At least with MMP I’m hearing of tons of jobs popping up for limited/short term activations. They’re even letting folks take them with night mate cards.


Word I got from a buddy on a cape V, Marad isn’t saying anything other then it’s a test.

Yeah aren’t these “turbo activations” done annually and are basically a phone call from a dispatcher asking you if you’d take a ship?

If it’s an actual activation, god help us all. What a ridiculous system this is.

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Yes they are done annually but not 27 at the same time.

It’s not routine, and we can’t rule out war, but RADM Buzby has suggested he might do this to “test the fleet”. My bet is that’s exactly what he’s doing.


Seems like a massive activation for readiness purposes (aren’t they all?) but on a much larger scale. At least, I hope that’s all it is…


Well I’ve heard quite a few horror stories from pilots who have taken RRF ships out to sea with fingers crossed to form a hypothesis as to what the results will be.

On the other hand, the MSP ships which are actively trading, mostly have their kinks worked out and are far more reliable as well as already crewed up. Just sayin


The Shughart class immediately come to mind… those things were colossal shitboxes.

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They are not exactly spring chickens.

Does anybody have a list of the ships that were activated during this large scale turbo activation?

What do these activations generally pay? Say, for 3/0?

@Buzbo Welcome to the forum Admiral Buzby. Please tell me things aren’t so bad at MARAD that you are considering shipping out? However, that’s a bit of double dipping no?



Definitely not… originally built around 1973 I believe. The number of issues they had it’s a wonder they haven’t been turned into razor blades yet.

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The Shughart (ex Laura Maersk) was built in 1980.

Gordon and Gillian were built in early 70’s. Both sortied last year for hurricane but returned because of engine issues

I got a call from an old shipmate last week looking for some folks to activate the Cape R’s, unfortunately I am at work. I always enjoyed these activations with the unlimited OT and excellent wages, especially when there was real cargo to move somewhere. The halls must be going crazy trying to fill these billets. It is a great time to go join MMP or MEBA and make a quick 6-8k.

Realistically, I just cant see how the unions will be able to crew them all up, night cards or not. If 75% of these ships actually make is past the Sea Buoy Transcom should consider this ex a HUGE success. I would not be surprised if it is more like 50% that actually crew up and get underway. As long as they leave the Steam ships such as the SL-7’s, Kocak Class…wait a minute how many of them don’t even have a COI??? I did see a charts a couple months ago with red X’s over a bunch of the hulls that are not able to activate for one reason or another. It was an eye opener. I cant wait to see a published After Action Report form MARAD/Buzz.


Passing the cape ships in Charleston a captain of mine once remarked “what a waste.” Not sure of any of those Cape ships fall into that “red X” category you speak of.

MARAD used to have some pretty big delusions about their reserve ships. We were stripping an old Farrell ship once and they refused to let us take some blocks and hatch dogs because “we may need these things again!” Yah… zero chance, Ace, sorry. Just because you had fond memories of these in 1991 doesn’t mean they’re still useful.

I look forward to hearing about the overall results of this mass activation.

Sure sounds like everybody is heading out to draw up a list of ASAP repairs and what boats are going to be parts hulks in what I assume will be a near-term actual sealift activation. Especially given how things are sounding in the sandbox.

I’d wager the SL7’s will be moving, along with most of the Cape H, I, K, M, R, T & W boats and the converted Maersk containerships. It’ll be interesting to see how they all fare.