M/V Michipicoten Hull Fracture

At the end of today’s news story about the Great Lakes ore carrier that had a hull fracture while transporting iron ore pellets across Lake Superior, it mistakenly states the ship was 21 years newer than it actually is. It was built in 1952 as the SS Elton Hoyt II. It is early in the investigation into what cause the breech, but they may find poor maintenance and overloading as contributing to a crack developing in the keel of this ship. Fortunately, they were not in rough seas.

and this is why grand river has its “reputation.” Too bad it’s at the risk of the crew.


Re-engined to be more environmentally friendly in 2011:

Glad that everyone is safe. Not sure how many more degrees of list would have lead to cargo shifting, but one of the asst engineers is quoted as saying it was a day of terror and he may be looking to change careers.

Once they unload it it will likely be off to Port Colborne under tow.

I was onboard and one of the guys evacuated… it escalated so quickly everyone did their part to keep her going from the top down all the crew were on point. It’s one day I’ll never forget. It’s an experience I don’t wish on anyone


You kiddin? The owner will patch it up with bondo and throw it right back into the same trade as before and roll the dice again on the thing breaking up mid-lake. Hopefully the authorities step in before they get somebody killed.

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Unfortunately, I agree with you. It will be patched up and continue on for years.

Guess it’s not the first time.

“On a trip to Escanaba, MI, to Ashtabula, OH, suffered a cracked hull in heavy seas off Point Aux Barques, MI. She stopped at Detroit where a temporary patch was fitted and then continued to Ashtabula where she will lay-up for the winter. (Documented January 28, 1984)”