M/V Ever Smart cargo collapse

Slight problem onboard the Evergreen Ever Smart today in Port of Long Beach. Thoughts?

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Obviously steering gear failure. Get that chief up here!

Seriously, did it come into port that way?


I’m not sure if she arrived that way or not. I was just walking around the USS Iowa and happened to look up and see that failed game of Tetris.

This ship has been in port for a couple of days. Apparently got in bad weather somewhere closer to Japan, lost 42 containers.



Also, those crane trucks look a little ridiculous for this task…

Excessive stack weights, exceeded lashing limits, and most likely parametric rolling. They can make the ships bigger, stack the containers higher, but physics will win when the conditions get hairy.

I noticed you used my photo, gCaptain, good on ya

Brings back memories of Hapag’s Paris Express limping into Bayonne in 07 with half her stack still in disarray after shedding 20+ cans of Cape Hatteras during a day’s worth of rolls over 40 degrees. The line of surveyors and lawyers at the bottom of the gangway at 3 in the morning in a nasty downpour were a grumpy bunch.