Looking for some advice


Sounds like he wants to be Max Hardberger.


I think Max has a better grip on realiity.


Thanks, I’ll be looking and researching that.


Wow, there is a huge list of brokers. I’m sure not all are what you might call, totally perfect. Any recommendations?


You could try the biggest, Clarkson:

They have offices in USA as well as around the world.


Don’t feed the know nothing scammers and trolls.

The last thing mariners need is more incompetent “shipowners” without any maritime expertise screwing mariners over on unsafe mismanaged vessels.

This guy sounds like a wannabe Gudmundor.


I did come across one, but I began to wonder if one vessel company or brand name is better than another. I was looking at Deman and that got me to thinking that if ship were like other vehicles. You know like comparing Ford Trucks to Chevy Trucks to Toyota Trucks. I’m sure there must be some kind of pecking order when it comes to who makes a better ship than someone else. As far as durability over the life of the ship. I’m certain any used ship is only going to be as good as it has been maintained in the past. I’m sure the same holds true for any ship which has been rebuilt or overhauled. I’m sure one company might be better or have a better reputation with respect to years in business and past accomplishments. I know with drill rig certain rig are better than others. Like a rig made here is better than rig made in China. Only becuase when a Chinees rig breaks you’re waiting weeks or months for parts where an American rig you have in hours or days. Huge difference when time is money. Or productivity outweighs cheaper priced machines.


Or a Turdburger.

It smells like a wannabe “maritime security” fantasy or worse yet, a “refugee rescue” scam.


Hardberger wouldn’t need four men with uzis. He’d be dual wielding M60’s and pissing vinegar.


Wow, Amazing! If calling me or making reference to my research as if I’m some scammer, troll, or Max whoever is some pale attempt to have me engage in some childish tit for tat name calling. I have neither the time or the interest in playing games or engaging in such immature games. I thought this site was filled with professionals. At least that is what I gathered when I was reading the policy of this site.

If anyone does not have anything positive to help me. How about keeping your hands off the keyboard and allow those people who wish to help me do so.

In conclusion, I am a Christian and a professional and wish to be treated as such. If maligning my character or calling me names when you don’t even know the way you can feel better about yourself I feel sorry for you. I will pray for you and ask God to please convict your spirit to do the right thing. Please stay out of this conversation unless you have something positive to contribute. Thank you.