Gulf Information

I own and operate a small marine salvage company in South Carolina. With business being slow I would like to find out if anyone knows who to contact down in the Gulf about putting our skimmer to work. If you have any names or possible direction I could get it would be appreciated. Yes, I know that I am probably one of a million people asking this but you have to start somewhere. Thank you in advance for your help.

I know that Bp has put to work a large amount of Local vessels in order to help with the Oil Cleanup. I would do what you could to get in contact with one of there reps and See if you can get a contract. And if your people have Hazmat certifications then you all are gold, from what ive recently read there is a severe shortage of Hazmat certified Labor pool of which to draw recruits from. Not sure if moving your operations to the gulf would help but its just a suggestion. And from what I hear Greenpeace is attempting to push legislation through that prevents retiring us flagged vessels from going to breaker yards in third world countries, So that might be a possibly profitable future industry to prepare for. Other then that, I know little to nothing about marine salvage so wish you the best.

You can call NRC, MSRC, or the USCG. ask for direction, and where to call. The BIG industry shakers are subcontracting a bunch of stuff all around the country. I am not sure how to find out who they are, but Halliburton, Cashman come to mind. Google “marine contractors” and call them, but beware, most will take a cut from your daily rate, and you will be contracting through them.

It seems from what I have heard BP is really pinching pennys, and lo balling EVERY one who want to work there. good luck