Looking for Head Hunters Louisiana

Am looking for head hunters that have good services and can help u get you a job… Thanks for responding

The head hunter for TAL is down there!

[QUOTE=KrustySalt;142746]The head hunter for TAL is down there![/QUOTE]


Taylors International services- they provide cooks and galley hands for offshore vessels and Rigs

Okay Thanks PR-9 I will be putting in a Application with that company that you provide to me thanks a bunch

No problem. Good luck!

I suggest that you drive right over to ECO and Hornbeck and apply in person. Both of those companies have government contracts and diversity goals to meet. I was in ECO’s hiring office awhile ago and they were trying very hard to hire the two African-American women who walked through the door.

Okay I will thank you so much for the advices