Looking for a nice gasket punch tool

I am trying to find a gasket hole punching table to purchase for my rig. I remember having one on a ship that I was a cadet on and it was really handy. Do any of you have one on your rig/ship/boat that looks similar to the one in the photo below? If so, could you provide me with a make/model or supplier company? I found some results on google for products that are made by obscure companies in Asia but I’m hoping to find one offered by a mainstream manufacturer or supplier that would more likely be approved as a vendor.

I have several. They are all made by Snap On except one. And it’s a Kent-Moore.

[QUOTE=tugboatchief;120302]I have several. They are all made by Snap On except one. And it’s a Kent-Moore.[/QUOTE]

I just tried looking for one on the snap-on website. No luck.

I have used them. I cant remember the names. I probably ordered them through Grainger or McMaster. So probably all the ones I have used are china made. Never had one fall apart or break though

I’ve seen that on a website called sigma tools.

Here is the link. http://www.sigmatools.ca/gasket_punching_table.htm

Facom. This is European maker is similar quality to Snap On.

Facom 26Pc Gasket Punch Kit - 245.J2A or the 1A …

We tend to order precut gaskets for the usual line sizes, seems to save time for the run of the mill fuel, oil and water stuff.

Japanese have them on some of the car carriers I worked on. They are “wicked good” to put it like the Yankee I am.

Thanks for the responses so far. I tried contacting Sigma tools but they never got back to me. I couldn’t find any snap-on versions and the famco set was more like a traditional hollow gasket punch set. I’m still looking for a single clamp table with a series of different sized holes and corresponding solid punches like in picture I posted above. I also looked on McMaster-Carr and Grainger. Nada.

I found one and have it on order. Here’s the link in case anyone else is interested. $325 plus $39 dollars shipping is what they quoted me.