Loading and Stability Software

I just got notice that we are being supplied with a Lodic ship stability computer on my drillship. The software program is called SHIPLOAD.

Has anyone used this software? If so what are your thoughts?

If not, what stability solutions have you used? Which ones do you like/hate?

I have not heard good things about Lodic but I do know Seadrill used it on their semi’s before going to Oceanmotions. Maybe Capt. Lee can fill you in?

Loadstar. Pretty much exclusively through my time with MSC and on commercial ships. Good software with a good interface.

We currently use Autoship . The interface is nice, but the fact that it’s integrated with our IBS system kind of sucks. It’s nice that you can access real time stability from over a dozen consoles, but the embedded type consol keyboards are not my favorite.
I’ve never used Lodic, but I have used several. To me, it usually comes down to how tailored the program is for the vessel, sensor input quality, then the ability of the crew to add macros into the program, and finally, the esthetics of the interface.