Practical Navigator Online Stability program

Practical Navigator for Stability

I saw this on here a few months back and was curious if anyone on here has used it or had any success with it? Its a subscription model, similar to Lapware but geared towards Stability. Anyone have success stories with it? Recommendations?

Link below

Do it! It isn’t a subscription, so once you buy it it’s yours. Chris is a great instructor I got mine a year ago to pass my mate1600 but it covers all the advanced stability too so when I upgrade to master I can go back and review it.

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Awesome, Thanks for the endorsement. I stand corrected. I thought it was a subscription. Appreciate the help.

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I bought it after I had already passed all my exams, so I didn’t really need it. He’s just a good instructor and it’s a good resource for reviewing stability which we all need to do from time to time.

His Youtube series on CelNav is my go to recommendation for anyone beginning to study on their own. Good combination of exam passing and real world use which is hard to find. It’s usually one or the other.

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