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The MOUNT TOURMALINE spotted off Shanghai during yard trials:

Photos: Hans Semeins o/b Coral Acropora (c)

SWS launches first LNG-powered Newcastlemax bulker for EPS - LNG Prime.

Is LNG the Fuel of the future, or just a transitional fuel?:

Here is a suggested alternative transitional fuel:
There IS an alternative to LNG as a ‘transition fuel’ – and it is greener and easier to use.

But Total Energies expect LNG to be an important fuel for this decade at least:

Avenir LNG sells Avenir Allegiance, the largest LNG bunkering vessel

The Avenir Allegiance is the world’s largest LNG bunker vessel and it will provide LNG to the biggest LNG bunker customer at the largest container port in the world.

Avenir LNG sells Avenir Allegiance, the largest LNG bunkering vessel - Offshore Energy.

Threats of war is good for business (for some):

Will price of LNG be increasing worldwide as a result?

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The MOUNT TOURMALINE called at Singapore for bunkering:

Nothing new that bulk carriers make a bunkering stop in Singapore, but this is the first to receive LNG as bunker.:

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For those not familiar with who and what Nakilat is:

More Nakilat news:


Panic time:

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Nothing like a good crisis for Governments around the world to get their proverbial “finger out”:

Putin’s war in Ukraine is good for Texas and the LNG Shipping market.

The shipbuilding industry in S.Korea and marine equipment suppliers all over the world will benefit as well.

More LNG newbuilding contracts going to Chinese yards:

FSRU “GOLAR NANOOK” positioned at CELSE Terminal in Barra dos Coqueiros, Sergipe, Brazil is its Yoki anchoring system and its LNG hose for direct discharge to Thermoelectric Photo : Alexandre Ferrari- 2022 (c)

Developed a New Concept Design of FLNG Hull that Achieves Shorter Construction Period and Cost Reduction~Approval in Principle (AIP) from American Bureau of Shipping



Sipitang is situated in Brunei Bay, not far from Labuan F.T. Better know as a popular place to lay up ships and rigs.