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The LE COMMANDANT CHARCOT departing from Le Havre
Above 3 Photos: Fabien Montreuil ©

PS> Hurtigruten has two newbuilt and three converted Hybrid (Battery-Diesel) Polar Expedition ships, but not with as high ARC rating,

“Polar Class” or “ice class”, not “ARC rating” :wink:

ice protection classification Arc7, which means that the ship can sail in ice of a thickness of up to 1.7 metres,

Arc7 is one of RMRS’s numerous ice class notations (Ice1…3, Arc4…9, Icebreaker6…9). I doubt the Norwegian ships you mentioned are built to Russian class.

I did not imply that Hurtigruten use Russian Classification Society for their ships, only comparing to the ARC class for comparison of ice capabilities.
(Not uncommon these days)

What is not needed is more “Bean counters” in shipping: