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Saam FSU is nearing the end of a 4 months long tow from Okpo, S.Korea:

The tow is now just north of North Cape and on the final leg towards Murmansk.

The Saam FSU has arrived at her destination in Ura Guba (near Murmansk)

From the article, it sounds like it is a LNG ship built without propulsion?

It was constructed as a barge, so yes, no propulsion.

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I spoke with a few LNG sailors that worked FSRUs that said the company business model didn’t really care about propulsion, as the ship would be on long term charter pier side. However, he added “because these ships are all pre-spec’d, eliminating the propulsion system didn’t really save much money, and a few long distance tows during the vessel life would negate any savings”.

Who knows if true or BS, but it’s an interesting thought to chew on.

The Saam FSU is a storage and transhipment facility, not an FSRU. (No regassification facilities)
Once on location there are no need to move a FSUs anywhere. (before they go to the breakers)

Shipping LNG on ARC 7 class LNG carries over long distances is expensive, hence one FSU will be permanently stationed at Kola, (near Murmansk) another at Kamchatka for transhipment of Yamal LNG to conventional LNG carrier for onward distribution to western and eastern markets respectively.

Spending on new LNG carriers since the beginning of 2022 represents 27% of total newbuilding investment and more than any other sector including containerships:

Many of the new LNG carriers will probably make calls here:

The Sabine Pass LNG terminal (Image: Cheniere)