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No, just stating the obvious. If you had, you would speak as a professional would. I have friends and acquittances who worked on the Exmar ships, the Energy Transport and Kuwaiti (LPG) Tankers. I worked for the person in charge of building the Energy Transport Tankers. When I was involved with ship construction at HMD in Korea I worked alongside another site team who were building a LNG tanker at HHI and have since built another. For a time, I was part of a steam to LNG-diesel repowering project. At no time did the term “ball ship” ever come up or was used when LNG ships were discussed.

Yes, it was pretty clear what ships you were trying to refer to. I would not be surprised if you came up with that description in hopes others might believe you know more than you really do. If you wish to use that as a slang term, (as you put it) that is up to you. It’s like a non-mariner in a group of mariners referring to a line as a “rope”.

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OK boomer. This thread isn’t about me. And it most definitely isn’t about you or all the super smart LNG friends you have that never used a slang term…guess ya’ll are just super high brow with 100% formal speaking.

Why did I call it a ball ship? Because other people reading this thread that don’t have your super duper level of expertness would easily understand what a “ball ship” is. Because it has big fucking balls on it for tanks. You, instead, love to be quite the snob and must use esoteric jargon to hoist yourself high upon your pedestal.

Since you are so in the know, did Pasha finish the steam to diesel/lng conversion that was supposed to be done in China (last I heard)? And of course you know that Exmar isn’t running the fleet of LNG that it used to. What’s the gossip on China building LNG ships…and the massive amount of LNG ships on the order books? Will these new builds crash future charter rates?

PS: I’ve been in multiple LNG related classes, and an alternative name the instructors used to “Moss Ships” was ball ships. And the balls were made in South Carolina, the ship via barge. Quite some big balls.

“The spherical tank carriers, also referred to as Moss tankers, have spherical aluminium tanks” https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Main-types-of-LNG-carriers-moss-spherical-tankers-top-and-membrane-tankers-bottom_fig1_223190585

Last I heard the George ll (ex-Reliance) will come out in April. I’ve seen some pictures of her.

Funny, I had the exact same conversation with the group building their LNG Tanker in Korea, and that was awhile back. A lot has to do with the number of terminals supplying the gas keeping up with the number of terminals wanting to receive it, IMO.

The article you linked to doesn’t appear to mention “ball ships”, or “Balls” even once.
Could that be because it is not something that belongs in a professional’s vocabulary??

Oh FFS. Give it a rest. No one cares what you call your balls.

Man, why you gotta play with my balls?*

*this is sometimes what non-native English speakers have said instead of “busting my balls”…or “I gotta play with your balls a bit”

Oh I didn’t know that you are from England. I was of the impression that you were a a native “American-English” speaker. (There is a district difference you know)

Gas prices are down in the USA right now, and LNG prices have slipped some over the past months. Lots of new LNG vessels are set to enter service over the next few years. I’m seeing a potential glut of supply, just like what recently happened with container ships.

And what the hell point are you even trying to make?

I was about to ask the same question.

Chevron is caring so much about the environment that the spend $$ Mln. to upgrade their LNG fleet??:

More likely they care about saving $$Mln. in fuel cost and less boiloff to air:

More about Chevron Shipping Co. Inc.:

First GST membrane LNG tank onshore:

The Panamanian flagged bunkering tanker “K. LOTUS” outbound from Rotterdam with destination Skagen in Denmark. Photo: Cees van der Kooij ©