LNG minimum crew manning - School project


My name is Jure Toncic, I have just registered and hope this discussion is in the rigth category, if not please correct me. I am a student in the third year on the Faculty of Maritime studies and Transport in Portoroz, Slovenia, nautical engineering department. I`ve finished 1 year of apprenticeship, completed the STCW Officer of the Watch exam and finished one contract as an AB on a RO/RO vessel.

The topic of this discussion would just be information that I am gathering for a school LNG project. The information that I need are hard to get and confusing when I searched them on the internet, so I thought the easiest thing to do would be to ask seafarers that have already worked on such ships and probably have a picture from the SMS manual on safe manning requirements.

I would preferably need crew manning for different size LNG carriers:

  1. 3.000 – 10.000 cbm
  2. 30.000 ± 10.000 cbm
  3. 70.000 ± 15.000 cbm
  4. 160.000± 20.000 cbm

Also if anyone has knowledge on the minimum crew manning on the Q-class carriers, I would really appreciate such information. The scoolg project in question is to get all the relevant inforamtion on LNG tanker operations, including crew, navigation, engine, and cargo manipulation. After this we`ll have simualton on the Kongsber MC90-V simulator.

Thank you all for any info or even pointing out to any sites or publications.

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Try to contact She’ll manning as I believe they crew the vessels