Lists of towing/tug companies

I have worked on getting my all my paperwork in order and such and i’m gonna start basically just knocking on doors and hope for the best, i’m in the lucky position that I have full time steady employment on land, so theres no super urgency in getting a job, i just want one on a boat. …

anyway, where do i find a list of companies in NY, Philly and basically anywhere withing like 8 hours of nyc, im here in nyc right now.basically i have no problem traveling if i am on a boat for a few weeks and driving back after. . . i have been googling work boat, tow boat, tugboat etc companies but i keep getting just a few decent company names and bunches on useless results. is there any directories of companies? thanks!

There’s a good list on this website. Go to the “forums” section, then the “jobs” tab at the top, scroll down. Good luck.