I need some help

Can anyone tell me where is the best place to find a job right now? I sat through school, got my MMC, TWIC, Passport, AB (unlimited), STCW, Llifeboatman, OS, Wiper, Steward, and of course RFPNW; I have tried sending tons of resumes out on multiple websites, faxing to offshore, tug, and inland companies, and have got [B]no[/B] response at all; I live in NY, but can travel the East Coast, or GOM; I am considering joining the SIU, but that’s another 350.00 or so, and I’ve been out of work since May, thus going back to school (and using my Navy background) to get all these documents. Any comments would be helpful, guys and gals.

Chris M.

Chris, it may be time to beat the bushes…Do some research on companies that you would like to work for…If you don’t have any, there are some lists here on this site…Do some searches…get your resume in order and plan on taking a trip…Things are slow right now but there are always people coming and going for one reason or another…Remember though, you have a lot of competition right now so put your best face on and if you get an offer you had better jump on it…Or the next guy through the door will probably take it…good luck

UMD Local 333.

$35.00 to get on their wait list. Might be a couple month wait til the phone rings, but you gotta sign up to start the ball rolling.

Where are you in NY?

Start at the Staten Island Ferry Docks and start hoofin’ yer way westbound on Richmond Terrace with the Kill van Kull on yer right. Reinauer, Moran, Penn, Koznac, K-Sea and Brown ALL operate tugs out of that section of Staten Island.

Thanks very much…:slight_smile:

You try Andrie towing on the lakes?

resumes and emails just arent going to get you far in this climate…too many people showing up, seabags in hand, for H/R people to even bother with phone calls or scheduling interviews. Best of luck!