Limited Engineering Positions available

Free vegan food. Lol


That was a fun thread, when that sea shepherd engineer came on here trying to recruit…

I missed that hilarity, thankfully.

What do the females aboard look like?

um. is that make-up cruelty free and all-natural?

All natural and gluten free. The glowing results are achieved by total body massages late into the night judiciously applied by a mate using a blend of highly refined free range whale oil and secret ingredients that are only revealed when you volunteer to die for the cause. It’s not for the faint hearted.

That’s cool. What I really want to know is: how can I get those pumps?

And, do they like to party? Asking for a friend…

I’m curious to know the minimum qualifications for an “engineer” on board one of their floating buckets. Perhaps they require only someone to spin filters and keep the bilge dry? Or is that being too hopeful?

Do they know the difference between a right handed and a left handed Crescent wrench? Hired.

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^^ That’s been my secret for years.