Lift boat capt. starting pay

I have a 200 ton masters near coastal. I have 15 years exp commercial fishing on the west coast and 4 years exp running a 200 ton crew boat with a 6-8 man crew. I have sent out resumes and applications to several companies and may have a few leads. My question is - given that I have no experience on lift boats and will have much to learn does any one have any suggestions on what to ask for concerning starting pay? What’s a reasonble expectation for day rates a year down the road after I have been trained? Any suggestions for getting a job on a lift boat in the first place would also be appreciated.
Thanks, Joe

Lorraine at Laredo Offshore in N.O. was offering 300 per day for 200 ton mate back in Sept. Hitches were 2 weeks on 2 off. No idea about raises or master pay.

Go & work as a mate for at least a year, as liftboats sometimes do not move that much. It might not be the handling expierence you need, but get use to the jacking procedures & the paperwork that comes along with it. If you never been on one, once you go & see for your self you will understand what I am talking about. Theres nothing like sliding into a can hole underwater that you can not see, are being stuck in the mudd with the seas pushing you into the platform, then 2 legs popping free & one leg still stuck.