Licenses, photos and fingerprints - Groundhog Day


I had a lower-level license issued at a regional center. My fingerprints were electronically scanned in connection with that license. <br><br>In April, when I applied for a 1600-ton mate license, I had to submit a new photo and new fingerprints.<br><br>I need another 240 days of seatime to upgrade to Master 1600-ton. I will have to sit for a new test after logging the time.<br><br>Question 1: Will I have to be fingerprinted again when I apply for the upgrade? I will be operating on a vessel outside of the US and will only be coming back to the states to take my test. This time I came back to the states to be fingerprinted, and ended up sitting on my butt unemployed for three months before being approved to test.<br><br><br>Question 2: Will I have to go through the same approval process when I am only submitting one seatime letter to be evaluated for an upgrade from 1600-ton mate with oceans endorsement to 1600-ton master?<br><br><br>I will contact the Coast Guard directly, but I would appreciate input from anyone who has had a similar experience.


Get ready to sit on your butt for 3 months again.


Question 3: Will I have to fly back to the states just to get fingerprinted again or can I submit the application with the assumption that I still have the same pair of hands?<br><br>I’m afraid I have a pretty good idea on the answer to this one.


Kind of off topic, but quite related: Have you applied for your TWIC yet? In person, fingerprints, money, background check, blah blah blah.