License Equivalents

Does my 2\O unlimited automatically equal a C/M 3000? I know it’s good as a Master < 100 but does NMC recognise as Chief Mate 3000.

3/O unlimited = Master 100.
2/O unlimited = Master 1,600 with exam.


But NOT Master 3,000 ITC so it’s not a very useful license.

I applied for 1600 Master with international equivalents, and the 3000 ton master was kicked back, as it requires the STCW classes that you’d need for your C/M upgrade. The Coast guard checklist is showing the same requirements for C/M 3000

As far as I’m aware that license effectively doesn’t exist in the US.

It appears to be a STCW endorsement II/2 for 3000 GT or more, not a national license. From the checklist referenced, it is an OSV thing.

Yes, but I know no way in which one could obtain it. You have to have the equivalent national license in other to obtain an STCW endorsement and there is no equivalent national license. I’m not entirely sure why anyone would want it anyway but that’s a different issue.


See 46 CFR 11.495(a) You can get the STCW endorsement without a limitation to OSVs even if your national endorsement (license) is restricted to OSVs But you are still constrained by the OSV restriction on your license, even on international and other voyages where STCW applies.

That was my thought but I didn’t look it up and thought incorrectly that there is only one “chief mate OSV” license with no tonnage limit, like mate OSV.