STCW Regulation/capacity/limitation question?

I hold a National “license” of Chief Mate any gross tons upon oceans and (I thought) the corresponding STCW endorsement. On the USCG homeport MMC verification page it says “II/2: Master/ Chief Mates (500 gross tons or more). Shouldn’t it say “3000 gross tons or more”? Is 500 gross tons the new 3000 gross tons? Is my STCW Unlimited?

Short answer, STCW endorsements are either less than 500, or 500 or more. But . . .

Some endorsements are 500 or more, limited to 3000.

I probably have not stated it exactly correct, but that’s the essence of it.

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STCW endorsements for Chief Mate and Master under STCW regulation are generally for “More than 500 GT and less than 3,000 GT or More” and for “3,000 GT or More.” I’m not familiar with the exact wording the NMC is using, but it sounds like you have the latter, and that the 500 GT or more was used to avoid any question of whether the endorsement is valid for less than 3,000 GT. But since there is no upper limit on tonnage, it is valid for unlimited tonnage.

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