Library of Congress - Color Photos from the 30’s and 40’s

Not maritime related but I stumbled upon this link to a trove of photos shot by the farm bureau at the end of the depression and in the care of the library of Congress. If you are a fan of candid photography, it is really impressive to scan through. With all the MAGA talk over the past few years, these photos convey an indelible soul of the Americans alive at that time which is really amazing to me. Just wanted to share.


If you’re interested in early color photography, Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky took some stunning ones in the Russian Empire around 1910. He used a three-exposures-in-succession process so you can tell which kids had the fidgets because of the rainbow halos around them. This collection is also in the Library of Congress and they have put a lot of work into digitizing them.Сергей_Михайлович_Прокудин-Горский

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